Celebrity Twitter Updates: Hilary Duff Looks Wholesome, Kelly Osbourne … Not So Much!


Kelly Osbourne, Hilary Duff and Baby: Twitter pictures

A TwitPic says a thousand words. We couldn’t help but make gurgling sounds when we saw that photograph of Hilary Duff and baby Luca on the right, in which he’s having a bit of an adorable snit. Hilary tweeted an explanation, saying, “I sent my dad this pic and he said ‘luca told me to tell u, u made his oatmeal lumpy’ lol he is cute when he’s mad!” We’ve seen a couple of photographs of Luca before on Twitter and he’s one cutie, even when he’s about to bawl. The mommy-baby peek is as wholesome as that lumpy oatmeal his daddy made him.

On the left we have Miss Kelly Osbourne, who isn’t looking as wholesome as her celebrity compadres. She tweeted this bedraggled photograph just a few hours ago, writing, “Just found my favorite pj’s! Got to be up at 5am for fashionpolice thank god for my jet lag & comfy bed night night.” We don’t care that she looks messy — the girl is about to go to bed. We do think those PJs are really cute, too. What we can’t understand is where Kelly’s body actually is? The girl is rapidly disappearing before our eyes. She looks super skinny here. Is it the angle, or has Kelly really lost that much weight? We’re not sure we like this!

[Photos via Twitter]

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