Pitch Perfect Trailer: Glee, Smash Get Served By Anna Kendrick


After Glee, Smash, that one show with Ben Folds, and you know all of the other talent shows in our DVR, you’d think this October’s college a capella movie Pitch Perfect would just be one too many peeks into the lives of young people who just GOTTA SING! But no. We watched the trailer this morning and basically forgot about all the rest. Here’s why:

1. We like Anna Kendrick as a dry-witted outsider. It’s such a change from her over-caffeinated overachieving characters in Twilight, Up in the Air and Rocket Science.

Anna Kendrick

2. This is produced by Elizabeth Banks, who can basically do no wrong in our eyes.

3. Rebel Wilson (the tattooed roommate Brynn from Bridesmaids) has about 500 hilarious lines in the trailer. But also seems kind of real.

Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp

4. Brittany Snow was basically born to play a mean college girl.

5. So was Anna Camp, even though we will always think of her as Rev. Steve Newlin’s wife on True Blood.

6. Even the bits that seem cribbed straight from Best in Show and Bring It On are entertaining enough that we don’t mind.

7. These girls can sing.

8. In this trailer, at least, there’s no sappy subplot about working together as a team and overcoming their differences. Hopefully, that remains true for the movie when it comes out on October 5.

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