Snooki Really Wants That Baby Already: The 15 Most Hilarious Photos Of Snooki Cuddling Inanimate Objects


Snooki visits the boardwalk with a penguin balloon

Snooki is raring to welcome her baby into the world. That’s the only way to explain why the Jersey Shore star treated an inflatable penguin to a day on the boardwalk this weekend. They played games at the midway, hit up the Ferris Wheel, and just strolled in the sun and took in the sights. Sounds like a lovely day…Too bad it’s a bird-shaped balloon. We’ve heard of child care training dolls, but this is starting to get a little weird. Your little bundle of GTL will be here soon enough, Snooks. So go easy on the Cabbage Patch Kids. In honor of her gung-ho approach to motherhood, we’ve assembled the 15 most hilarious photos of Snooki nurturing inanimate objects. It’s sort of sweet, in a kind of imbalanced kind of way. Maybe we should all just pitch in and get her a dog?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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