KStew Tops Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress List, But Where Is Scarlett Johansson?


Kristen Stewart Tops Forbes Highest Paid Women; Scarlett Johansson Not On List
Kristen Stewart is more than just a beautiful, frowny face. She’s a beautiful, frowny face who could sleep on a pile of $1,000 bills if she wanted to. And why wouldn’t she want to? The woman is human after all. Earlier today. Forbes ranked KStew number one on their newly released list of the highest paid actresses; adding up the estimated $12.5 million she pulled in for each Breaking Dawn flick and her leading role in Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen raked in a cool $34.5 over the past 12 months. There are some very familiar faces on the list (which we’re going to make you ponder before you click the jump, because we like to keep you guessing), but our question is: guys…why the fudge isn’t Scarlett Johansson in the top ten?

Let’s think about this, shall we? Johansson was a lead character in last month’s The Avengers, which has so far earned $1,421,000,000 worldwide, not to mention her turn in the admittedly forgettable We Bought A Zoo last December. If Forbes is counting the money KStew made off this month’s Snow White, clearly they should have counted ScarJo’s Avengers paycheck. If ScarJo earned less than $11 million (the amount pulled in by the lady in the #10 spot) in the last year, we will quit our jobs and become her agent ourselves. We will, so help us Blog!

And now you may see the other women! We doubt you’ll be surprised by most of them. Well, maybe one funny lady…

  • Cameron Diaz: Diaz pulled in $34 million over the last year from the sweet deal she made on the profits from her surprise hit Bad Teacher, which earned $216 million…on a $20 million dollar budget.
  • Sandra Bullock: Bullock pulled in $25 million, largely from her Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close role.
  • Angelina Jolie: The only film Jolie acted in last year was Kung Fu Panda 2. Luckily she has her Louis Vuitton deal and various residuals to keep her flush with $20 million.
  • Charlize Theron: Charlize earned $18 million after busting her beautiful butt making Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus and Young Adult in the last year.
  • Julia Roberts: Julia pulled in $16 million from Larry Crowne and Mirror, Mirror.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Okay, so I Don’t Know How She Does It was a big bust, but SJP still netted $15 million in the last year from her deal with Garnier, her perfume lines and, of course, Sex and the City residuals.
  • Meryl Streep: $12 million for Meryl’s Oscar-nominated role in The Iron Lady and yet-to-be released dramedy Hope Springs ain’t bad.
  • Kristen Wiig: Kristen earned $12 million last year. Bridesmaids. Friends With Kids. SNL. That’s how she do.
  • Jennifer Aniston: Jen pulled in $11 million with Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust.
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