Demi Moore: Do Hook Up With Joe Manganiello, Do Not Vacation With Ashton Kutcher


Asthon Kutcher, Demi Moore, Joe Manganiello

Demi, Demi, Demi. We seem to remember having this conversation with you before: Getting back together with your ex when you’re in this still-fragile, post-rehab state, is a terrible idea. Even though you’re looking sooo much healthier, and you’re doing an awesome job as the producer of Amanda De Cadenet’s The Conversation, we still think this rumor we heard from Grazia magazine (via ContactMusic) this morning, points to disaster: According to an unnamed source, estranged spouses Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are going on a “sex-free” retreat on the advice of Rabbi Yehuda Berg, their Kabbalah teacher. They’ll be staying in separate rooms and monitored by Berg, the source says.

This is all, of course, still in the realm of gossip and we have no idea if it’s true — but they did go on that camping trip to patch things up before, and they haven’t filed for divorce yet, so it’s within the realm of possibility. But we rather prefer this other possibility, courtesy of Heat magazine (via the Daily Mail): Demi, 49, was getting cozy with our favorite werewolf stripper Joe Manganiello, 35, at the afterparty for the premiere of That’s My Boy earlier this month. No one is saying they hooked up just yet, just that they had “amazing chemistry.” They apparently met back when Moore set to appear in Magic Mike, and stayed in touch even though she dropped out of the project. Coincidentally, Joe split with fiancee Audra Marie last September. So, A) he knows what Demi’s going through, kinda; and B) he looks like Joe Manganiello. Sounds like the perfect rebound to us!

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