Axl Rose’s Faceplant Joins Britney, Kanye On Our Favorite Awkward Concert Moments List


Oh Axl Rose, how the mighty have fallen. Headfirst onto their hands with an embarrassing stumble, if the video of Rose’s concert faceplant in Hellfast, France is to be believed. Seeing Axl flail to keep his balance got us thinking about our favorite awkward concert moments, which include everyone from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, and everything from wardrobe malfunctions to slippery piano benches to getting kicked in the head by a gyrating fan. We hope you got a cat scan after that, Usher! After you watch Axl bite it hard, check out our other favorite awkward concert moments after the jump. Oh man, and you can hear everyone laughing on his video! That is the sweetest plum. The sweetest, most horrible plum:

Who but Usher could bounce back from being kicked in the face by a female fan during a 2010 concert at Madison Square Garden…and keep on being sexy?

Okay, maybe Britney Spears, but that is it! And Britney had her own worries on the Brazilian leg of her tour last November, when an excited fan bit in her calf in Rio d Janiero. You people are ruining sexy dancing for all of us!

Taylor Swift’s wardrobe malfunction was so darling and demure last summer. But still, a wardrobe malfunction! Awk-ward!

Can we say that Kanye had one of the greatest concert falls of all time? No, you’re right. That reference is played out. This video’s definitely up there though.

Like a true professional, Lady Gaga falls off her piano bench and keeps singing. Well, someone keeps singing anyway.Thanks for entertaining us, ya’ll!

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