Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Look Too Shabby In A Pink Wig In His Spoof Of Nicki Minaj


Samuel L. Jackson is notorious for his forcefully loud voice, not to mention the expletives he drops whenever the bleep he feels like it. Since he’s hosting this year’s BET Awards on July 1 we’re wondering which version of Jackson will be in full force. Will it be Long Kiss Goodnight Jackson, Losing Isiah Jackson or Pulp Fiction Jackson? Perhaps it will be a combination, but after watching his promo spoof of Nicki Minaj we’re hoping he’s going to be, well, himself. No toned down PC Jackson, please.

We’re anticipating major surprises this year from shocking moments to performances. Chris Brown, Usher, D’Angelo and Nicki are among the list of performers. Of course Nicki was the obvious choice for Jackson to spoof. Rocking a pink bob wig Jackson raps, sans the curse words, Nicki’s chorus to “Beez in the Trap.” When he turns around to face the camera we see his gold plated four finger rings on each hand. One spells out “BET” and the other “Awards.” It has to be hard for a man like Jackson to sport a pink wig while keeping a stone cold face. But he does, until the very end. We only have one question: is it just us or was this the softest we’ve heard Jackson speak? His delicate voice was so out of character for him. If there was one time he had to yell in the camera, rapping “Beez in the Trap” would be it. Nonetheless he’s hilarious.

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