Sofia Vergara Is Smoking On The Cover Of Vanity Fair Spain. No, Literally. What’s Up With That?


Sofia Vergara Smoking On Vanity Fair Cover

Sofia Vergara looks smoking on the cover of next month’s Vanity Fair Spain, doesn’t she? Oh, sorry, we meant to type “is smoking.” We meant to type “is smoking” and also “baaaaaaaaaarf!” What is up with that lit cigarette, Sofia? What is this, the ’40s? Frankly we’re surprised the Modern Family star agreed to be photographed holding a cancer stick (or, you know, have it Photoshopped into her hand), seeing as how she stars on a wholesome family program and smoking gives you mouth ulcers and death. Is that what you want us to associate with you, Vanity Fair Spain? Because we will do it! You know we will!

Personally, we don’t get what’s wrong with just looking incredible and having a hot body like Sofia does in her Vanity Fair photoshoot video below. Of course, those two things are made incredibly difficult to do by the constant stench of nicotine and two lungs filled with smoke. We’re not trying to be Sofia’s mom here; is her mom this up-to-date on Rihanna’s 17 tattoos? No. We’re just saying that smoking makes your teeth turn into corn kernels and your organs die. And we don’t want Sophia Vergara’s organs to die! We will not stand for it!

[Photo: Vanity Fair Spain]

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