Which Unfortunate Television Star Had This Beach Wardrobe Malfunction?


Deena Cortese Bikini Malfunction On Beach

It happens right? You’re in the surf, the tide hits and suddenly, your bikini bottom (or top) doesn’t want to stay put on your body. You turn beetroot red, pull the wandering garment back on and get on with it. But you don’t have camera’s trained on you most of the time, like this young lady does. But, who is it? Click after the jump to find out. 

Deena Cortese Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Beach

It’s Deena Cortese! She was goofing off with Paul D and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew on the beach when a large wave hit the pint-sized star, almost taking her bikini bottoms with it. Whoop! But Deena seems to be laughing it off, so s’all good. We’d be mortified, but we then again, we haven’t got arrested for disorderly conduct just about yet. On another, completely unrelated note, may we point something out? Considering she’s in the surf, we doubt she’s got too much makeup on. Perhaps some waterproof base  and mascara, which is as far we’re going. Because, we have to say we’re kind of surprised as to how great Deena’s skin is looking. Take a closer look, guys. Its looks dewy and smooth. With her lifestyle? Oh, to be in our early 20’s again!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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