Our Favorite May-December Couple Sam Taylor-Wood And Aaron Johnson Get Hitched


Director Sam Taylor-Wood Marries Aaron Johnson

What if instead of robbing the cradle, you moved in and started looking for a good school district to send the kids? That wouldn’t be so bad, right? Kick-Ass director Sam Taylor-Wood and her leading man Aaron Johnson certainly don’t think so; the 45-year-old bride and 22-year-old groom got married yesterday in Somerset, England, Us Weekly reports. The two are parents to toddler Wylda Rae and baby Romy Hero, both took the last name Taylor-Johnson and will someday soon be old enough for news stories to gloss over the fact that, age-wise, they could be mother and son. Maybe in 7 years? 8? Maybe never?

The marriage has been three years in the making; rumors of their engagement have been swirling since 2009, when Taylor-Wood directed Savages star Johnson in Nowhere Boy. Of course, we know empirically that age ain’t nothing but a number. Alec Baldwin is 54 and his fiancee Hilaria Thomas is only 28, and no one seems particularly worked up about that 26-year age gap! Though, even as we type this, we remember that might be because she wasn’t 19 at the time they got together. Oh well, who are we to stand in the way of love? Even weird love? Maybe weird love is the best kind of love! All the May-December romances in our crazy age gap gallery seem to suggest that it just might be:

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