The Release Of Brave Reminds Us Of The 7 Most Traumatic Pixar Movie Moments Of All Time


Today  the latest Pixar epic Brave opens wide in theaters, and we fully expect it to earn the GNP of a first world country in its opening weekend alone. The film follows the story of Merida, a young archer from the hills of Scotland who struggles to undo a curse placed upon her family. Actress Kelly Macdonald recently sat down with Carrie Keagan on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live to discuss the pressure of voicing the very first female lead in Pixar history. “I felt it [the pressure] for a moment. Because also it’s film number 13. Lucky number 13. So at first I thought ‘Oh no! Too much pressure!’ But it’s Pixar. I think we can all rest easy.” In addition to the quality of the visuals, Kelly insists that the story is timeless. “It’s a mother and daughter story, so I feel like every female should be able to relate.”

We have to admit, we were pretty pumped to go see the film, because Pixar movies are unforgettable. But the more we thought about it, we realized that they’re unforgettable because of the emotional scars they carved on our psyche at a young age.  At least that’s what our therapists have said. Nemo losing his mother in Finding Nemo, those creepy mutant toys in Toy Story, the lonely old man in Up. This is some powerful stuff! And from what we’ve heard, Brave packs a few emotional punches too. So for the strong willed, we’ve compiled the 7 most traumatic Pixar movie moments of all time. Full disclosure: At one point we  sobbed a bit while compiling this post.

 7. Toy Story: Revenge of the Toys

This scene is basically an animated Child’s Play, with a touch of The Exorcist thrown in for good measure. For years we made sure our toys were always neat and tidy, for fear of pissing them off. Also, for reasons we can’t fully explain, this kid Sid reminds us of a pre-fame Justin Bieber.

6. Finding Nemo: The Egg Scene

Equal parts sad and scary, this scene changed the way we looked at tobiko forever.

5. Monsters, Inc: The Scream Extractor

Trips to the dentist just got that much scarier when this movie came out. Look at this little girl’s face! She’s definitely not feelin’ it.

4. Ratatouille: Pretty Much The Whole Movie

Made it tough to enjoy restaurants because we constantly wondered whether or not our meal had been prepared by a disease carrying rodent. It definitely fostered our fear of the Plague, and we ate at home until 2010.

3. Toy Story 3: The Incinerator

We got a lot of votes for this scene from the darkest kids movie ever made (or is it just the brightest drama ever made?). Seeing our beloved toys being thrown into an oven was bad enough, but watching their desperation before finally resolving themselves to their fate? Devastating. Almost makes us forget their role in Traumatic Moment #7.

2. Up: Carl And Ellie

Oh my god, you guys. This one destroyed us. Use with caution.

1. WALL-E: Large People Sliding

Enough said. It’s like the sinking scene from Titanic being reenacted by the cast of The Biggest Loser. Or one of those oil drop toys. OK, it’s not all that traumatic, but we needed a break after Up.

[Photo: Pixar]

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