Tony Parker Sues Club Where Drake And Chris Brown Brawl Occured For $20 Million


Tony Parker Sues Club for 20 Million

Tony Parker isn’t taking his scratched retina injury incurred from the Chris Brown and Drake brawl lightly. Can you blame the guy? He kind of needs to see well to play basketball. TMZ reports the San Antonio Spurs player filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against W.i.P. club for $20 million. In the lawsuit Parker accuses the club’s security of negligence for letting in both Drake and Chris Brown in at the same time. He also says the club knew there was “bad blood between Drake and Brown” and they continued serving alcohol to all parties involved in the melee despite their visible intoxication. Parker is trying to take ballin’ (and we’re not talking about on the court) to a whole different level.

As it stands Chris Brown and Drake haven’t been added as defendants to the lawsuit, but they could be sued as well once the police investigation is concluded. See guys, this is why when you’re young, rich and famous it doesn’t pay to have a reckless entourage. Regardless of who started it, this brawl should’ve never escalated to the extent of eight people injured. And we’ve yet to learn what the actual fight was over. Rihanna is beyond fly, but all of this seems to be a little bit more than a quarrel over who’s going to be Riri’s rude boy. Hopefully Tony’s injury doesn’t affect his upcoming Olympic performance. Messy is the only word we can muster up for this whole fiasco.

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