Vintage Channing Tatum Striptease Demonstrates The Evolution Of His Sexy Dancing Skills


Every once in a while we remember that Magic Mike is based on Channing Tatum‘s actual experience as a male stripper, and we weep bitterly that we didn’t live in Florida in the early ’00s. Why were we wasting our time earning a high school diploma? The only thing that makes it possible for us to go on is the realization that Channing Tatum’s real-life stripping game was…well, pretty weak compared to his new movie moves. To wit, take a gander at the the vintage “YMCA” performance and ethnically insensitive thong-and-spear Tarzan dance TMZ unearthed today. The enthusiasm is there, but just not the moves, thought we’d really have to see Channing’s butt to make a fair judgment. WE SAID WE HAVE TO SEE HIS BUTT; WHY ARE YOU ARGUING WITH US? At least Tatum’s grass skirt doesn’t make us want to die, unlike his hyper-bagging pseudo-Backstreet Boys steez in that other vintage Channing Tatum striptease video Us Weekly turned up:

Despite his cringe-inducing wardrobe, however, it’s clear that Channing is starting to get a hang of the pelvis and/or footwork. Though again, those billowing trousers make us pray for the sweet release of death. Tatum’s abs, of course, remain eternally enviable, just like his moves at the The Revlon Concert for the Rainforest Fund this spring.

Channing Tatum Dances With Jenna Dewan, Elton John

Other than the Magic Mike trailers, it was these photos from this past April that proved Channing has made great strides in his erotic dancing abilities. Switching from a sexual tango with wife Jenna Dewan to grinding it out with Elton John? Clearly the man can do it all. Plus, seriously, did you see his butt in the Magic Mike redband trailer? Truly, some things do get better with age.

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