Ann Curry’s Today Replacement Is Savannah Guthrie: Report


Ann Curry’s out and Savannah Guthrie is in on the Today show — well, as soon as NBC’s lawyers can get Curry’s contract figured out, according to TMZ and several other sources.

Ann is only in her first year of a three-year contract as co-host, under which she’s supposed to make $10 million a year. She reportedly wants the remaining $20 million, but NBC wants to give her a foreign correspondent position instead. The other option is that NBC would give Curry the money, but under the condition that she doesn’t take a new job for the next two years.

But onto what’s more important, getting to know Savannah Guthrie! The beautiful, 40-year-old former lawyer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown Law Center, and she’s a member of the bar in Washington and Arizona. She got her TV start as a legal analyst in Arizona, Missouri and Washington before graduating to Court TV and then, in 2007, to NBC, where she’s currently co-hosting the third hour of the show. Decent resume, right?

On the other hand, she’s also sparked a few mild controversies. During a segment on breast-feeding in public, she asked a guest, “You wouldn’t go to the bathroom in public, would you?” Moms all over were up in arms.

Once all this Curry business gets settled, we’re excited to see what Savannah’s going to make of this opportunity! Are you?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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