Lindsay Lohan, Are You Trying To Derail Your Comeback With These Gun Photos?


Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Gun Photos

Lindsay Lohan, we don’t know what to say at this point. Do you not have friends? Or an agent who helps you make decisions? Are you just around Terry Richardson so much that he can make it seem like a good idea to pose with a gun in your mouth? And you had to do it now, when you’re shooting Liz & Dick and haven’t yet been charged for slamming your Porsche into the back of that semi. You couldn’t just let things be sort of good for a while? No, you just had to make us picture Elizabeth Taylor with a gun to her head. Pull it together, Lohan!

Uncle Terry has already taken down the photos, which he had posted to Terry’s Diary, but since that’s not how Tumblr works, Lindsay’s gun photos are now a permanent part of the internet. Now, we know that Lilo has posed for scandalous photos before; remember those “blood soaked” Tyler Shields pics? Call us prudes, but having a gun pointed at her skull just makes this so much worse. Are you afraid of success, Lindsay? Is that it? We never thought we’d say it, but this whole thing makes us nostalgic for all your Terry Richardson nip slip photos, girl. A nip slip never hurt anyone!

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Gun Photos

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