Mark Wahlberg Sheds Tough Guy Image And Gets “Awkward” In Ted


As a Boston native, I have a seriously huge soft spot in my heart for Mark Wahlberg. I first crushed on his brother Donnie back in the NKOTB days and then dropped him to the curb the second Mark made me feel the vibrations. And then he made movies – SO MANY good movies! Boogie Nights, The Departed, Date Night, The Fighter. Not to mention, he’s an amazing producer (Entourage, RIP). Sometimes I’m like, “Slow down, Mark Wahlberg! I can’t keep up with all your awesomeness!” (And like, he owns a restaurant outside Boston called Wahlburgers, so obviously he’s the greatest person on the planet.)

All gushing aside, the actor has most often played the beefy tough guy in his work, whether it be as Marky Mark the musician to Dirk Diggler to feuding with Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live. In Ted he takes a sharp turn from the Wahlberg we know and delivers a goofy, awkward, low-status peformance as pothead-slacker John Bennett. He totally nails it in the movie, but he tells VH1 that it was harder than it looked.

“Well the things that were awkward for me was singing, dancing, then having to fight with the bear,” he says. “Those were the scenes I was not looking forward to.”

Still, working with Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane, the film’s writer/director/star  made it all worth it. “Working with Seth was a blast,” says Mark. “When I read the script [I knew] that it could be something special.”

Ted is out in theaters on June 29.


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