Tyler Perry’s Going To Have A Hard Time Hiding Out In Witness Protection Once Alex Cross Comes Out


Writer/director/actor/producer Tyler Perry is uber-prolific and, yes, extremely successful in the risky biz of movie-making. We were surprised to hear that Madea’s Witness Protection is only his 14th movie. At its New York premiere, Perry attributed his fast pace to lack of traditional experience.

“I didn’t go into the business through the process that everyone else did; I don’t know how it’s done,” he told VH1 News. “The first time I was ever on [someone else’s] set was on Alex Cross and Star Trek.”

After seeing Perry go up against a jacked-up Matthew Fox in the Alex Cross trailer that premiered last night, we can see how that set might seem a little bit different from his own dramedy fare. Stepping into Morgan Freeman’s shoes as the James Patterson character, Perry goes from quiet, whispered detective-talking to full-on gun-toting, criminal chasing and explosion-dodging. Consider us impressed.

For all the cash and respect his own projects have earned him, we imagine a role like this is going to mean crossover recognition all over the world. That makes our next question for Perry a little tougher to answer: If he ever had to go into witness protection himself, where would he go?

“I would go to the Bahamas and never be heard from again!” he said. Better get some new wigs, my friend.

Tyler Perry as Alex Cross

[Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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