Are You Lining Up To See Ryan Reynolds As Highlander? How About Romeo As Black Panther?


Romeo Miller Rumored For Black Panther; Ryan Reynolds Cast In Highlander

Seeing as how The Avengers made more money than the human mind can conceive (a $600 domestic box office, to be exact), it looks like we’ll be treated to even more superhero films in the coming forever. Ryan Reynolds is officially confirmed for the lead in the reboot of the 1986 action flick Highlander; Ryan will portray Conner MacLeod, “one of a dwindling group of immortals who wander the earth and kill each other in combat for the final ‘Prize’ – mortality.” Reynold’s other superhero flick Green Lantern wasn’t exactly a critical success last year (it currently has a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes), but considering the movie still raked in $219 million world wide, we’re betting movie goers will still turn out to see Highlander. If nothing else, people love decapitation! That’s really the only reason to watch the original version, if you haven’t seen it already…

Meanwhile, Romeo Miller (formerly Lil’) has the latest deets about a potential Black Panther movie.  “I remember that before Jumping the Broom got released, there were some producers were talking about shopping the script to some people and I was one of the people they contacted and was asked if it was something I would be interested in,” Miller told BlackFilm while discussing his role in Madea’s Witness Protection. “You never know. I definitely want to take in and be the next big action hero. That may be something that’s cool.” Uh, yeah, that would be very, very cool. We are all about getting more superheroes of color on the big screen. Now if only we can get that Black Widow movie into production, we’ll never have to see a non-superhero movie ever again…

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