Rihanna Escapes Fiery Inferno In London! (Or, Has An Uncomfortable Morning Following Hotel Elevator Fire)



“Fire in the Telly #evacuationlife,” Rihanna wrote in an Instagram post this morning, accompanying a pic of a fire engine in front of the Corinthia Hotel in London. Another pic of herself curled up in a sweatshirt in the backseat of a car was captioned, “Roamin da streets since 6am! Fyah in da telly #evacuationlife.”

This all sounds like a very exciting turn of events for the other 300 or so guests at the hotel this morning. On the one hand, it really sucks to be forced to evacuate your hotel room in the wee hours — who among us hasn’t been forced to do this once? On the other hand, imagine you are on vacation and have no idea who else is staying in the posh hotel you’ve saved up for, and as you walk blearily down the stairs in your PJs and slippers, you see none other than a bleary Rihanna in her PJs and slippers. OK, we totally made this all up — maybe everyone had enough time to get dressed and maybe it was all rich and jaded guests for whom Rihanna sightings are nothing special. Just let us dream for a second, OK?

A fire truck in front of London's Corinthia Hotel, where Rihanna was staying

The fire department told London’s Evening Standard, “We were called at 06.21 and it was a small fire in the lift motor system on the seventh floor.” (For some reason, we still giggle when people call elevators lifts and toilets loos.) No one was injured and the guests were temporarily relocated to the hotel next door. But maybe RiRi just found her SUV “roaming da streets” comfier.

[Photos: Instagram]

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