Andrew Garfield Makes Our Ovaries Explode At The Amazing Spider-Man Volunteer Event


Andrew Garfield, "Be Amazing, Stand Up And Volunteer"

You know, we realized that we were ignoring the awesomeness that is Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-man lead-up. We focused on the whole of Emma Stone‘s global fashion run with the premieres but there was nary a peep from the main man. Well, that ends today. The whole cast of the movie made it to the “Be Amazing, Stand Up and Volunteer” initiative at the Madison Boys and Girls Club yesterday in Brooklyn, New York, which was one of many events, sponsored by Columbia, that happened throughout the city. The cast was there to teach the kids the importance of volunteering. While that in itself is so cool, we’d like to focus a little bit on Andrew here. Look at those photographs of him above, swinging around and cuddling that little girl? Cue ovary explosion. There’s more after the jump that made us swoon.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone "Be Amazing, Stand Up And Volunteer"

Andrew even tried his hand at shooting hoops, but the fact that he doesn’t look very good at basketball makes us like him even more. Because he’s so damn earnest! He probably knew that he would suck, but went for it anyway. And he did get some height on that jumpshot! We know we’re focusing on him here, but a large part of us thinking he’s the bomb diggity is also his relationship with co-star and girlfriend, Emma. Just one look at them sitting all comfortable and cross-legged with the kids, and him gazing at her with that smile on his face … we’re sold.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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