Channing Tatum’s Thong Trust: The Best Magic Mike Star Quotes All In One Package


Magic Mike

This is a bittersweet weekend: On one hand, we finally get to see Magic Mike in theaters. On the other, we will no longer have Magic Mike as an excuse to post shirtless pictures of Channing Tatum and Co. on this blog every other day. But as one last hurrah, we decided to gather the choicest of quotes from the stars of this Steven Soderbergh-directed masterpiece — about the craft of acting, the depth of their characters, artful lighting … er, we mean, thongs, getting naked with a bunch of guys and learning those body rolls!

On Thongs
Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

“Sometimes a thong completely betrays you.” — Channing Tatum to The Hollywood Reporter

“You wanna get to that place where you’re sitting there, making a sandwich, talking to somebody about football or the shot or something, and you go, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in a thong.’ To see [Channing] talking to Soderbergh about a scene … standing there in a red thong, straight-facing it, is funny. Technical talk in a thong.” — Matthew McConaughey, E!

“It’s hard to take yourself seriously with an American flag thong on with a strategically placed a sparkler on the end of it.” — Joe Manganiello, The Hollywood Reporter

“I remember feeling it go boom, and just as the cool draft was going a little further than it had been, I went, ‘Oh, yep,’ and tucked into a roll.” — McConaughey on a woman snapping his G-string, The Los Angeles Times

On Baring It All
Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello

“There’s no version of ‘in shape’ that you can possibly be to know that you’re gonna be 40-foot-tall and butt-naked.” — Tatum, The Hollywood Reporter

“Everybody got manscaped to some extent. If you don’t have to do it, don’t ever do this.” — McConaughey on The Tonight Show

“I don’t know, because my shirt’s off again, and I just think dudes are going to hate my guts if I don’t put a shirt on soon. And Chris [Rock] was like, ‘Guys are going to hate your guts anyway. Brad Pitt spent 15 years with his shirt off. He’s doing fine.’ ” — Manganiello on Chris Rock encouraging him to do the movie, The Los Angeles Times

“Listen, it worked for Jason Biggs and made him ultrafamous when he stripped in American Pie. So yeah, why wouldn’t a guy try it out in real life?” — Alex Pettyfer, Cosmopolitan

“It reminded me of being in a football locker room: a bunch of guys endeavoring into a world together, like a guys’ thing, not competitive, people were taking the piss, having fun… kind of talking about mundane things while scantily dressed!” — Matthew Bomer, Us Weekly

On Dancing

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“I only do a [butt] clap for jewelry and a $100 bill. I’m from the South, we can all make it clap in the South.” — Tatum, E!

“I’ve never danced in my life. I can’t put one foot in front of the other, let alone shake it… But you know what I learned — apart from Channing’s amazing dancing — the funnier, the grimier, the dirtier it is, the bigger reaction you get.” — Pettyfer, E!

“For me, it was like coming out of a blackout. You get up there, you do this thing, and then it was like waking up the next morning covered in blood and having no recollection of what the hell you just did. You’re sitting backstage after your routine, in a thong, sweating, the music is over, you’re just sitting there alone in silence … going ‘What did I just do? People are going to see this!'” — Manganiello, The Los Angeles Times

Sigh, we’re gonna miss these guys. Sequel, please!

Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

[Photos: Warner Bros.]

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