Lourdes Follows In Madonna’s Boobsteps By Donning Her Cone Bra


Loudes Dons Madonna's Cone Bra

Other than her hair color (which we pray she never bleaches into oblivion), Lourdes Leon is growing up to be the spitting image of her mom. Looks aside, whether she’s co-designing their Material Girl and Material Girl Beauty lines or, um, crying outside a Kabbalah Centre, Lourdes has basically become a little Madonna. So is it so surprising she’d want to try on the most iconic look of her madre’s career: the cone bra? Lola tweeted a photo of herself rocking the leather Jean Paul Gautlier bustier her mom has been wearing on her current world tour, explaining, “Lola backstage at MDNA.” Is it wrong we think this is kind of sweet, in a weird way? It’s not like Lourdes got her hands on a copy of Sex, after all. Then Madonna would probably have to go to jail for being a terrible parents.

Unfortunately for Lourdes, the photo and tweet were later yanked off Twitter, which we’re assuming means Madonna’s eldest is struggling to hold back tears in the backseat of a limo right..now. Our heart goes out to her; we would not want to be on the receiving end of Madonna’s mom wrath. Maybe this will make you even more like your mom, Lourdes? We’re sure Madonna was grounded for a million years when she was in high school too.

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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