Snoop Dogg Forgets About The Weed On Him, Which Gets Him Busted In Norway


Snoop Busted For Weed in Norway

At this point we think Snoop Dogg’s name should be a synonym for weed. “Where’s the Snoop Dogg at?” or “This Snoop Dogg is for medicinal purposes only.” See how smoothly that works? Snoop is not going to be without his weed in the U.S., and apparently not in Norway either. TMZ reports Mr. Doggy Dogg is in Norway to perform at the Hove Festival, but upon arriving he was busted with weed at the airport in Kristiansand. The Cali rapper was detained, but was let go with a fine of 2,000 Norwegian Krone, which converts to roughly $1,980.13. He lucked up (if there’s such a thing in this situation) by having eight grams, anything less than 15 in Norway is only punishable by fine, which he paid right away. Gotta love Snoop. He gets busted with weed and pays his debt to society immediately.

Snopp Dogg being busted for weed will never be shocking, right? But here’s what we want to know: was he too high to remember he had the mary jane on him? With Snoop there’s a number of hilarious scenarios that float around in our heads. So, we’re taking dibs on whether or not he celebrated not getting arrested by rolling up a doobie. Certainly he did. It wouldn’t be Snoop if he didn’t.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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