Alec Baldwin’s Summer Of Rage Continues As He Tangles With Yet Another Photographer


Alec Baldwin grabs photographer's arm

Alec Baldwin, where do you find enough hours in the day for all this fighting? Less than two weeks after allegedly punching a paparazzo outside the New York City Marriage License Bureau, the 30 Rock star got into it with a photographer outside his Manhattan apartment. Sources close to Baldwin claim the paparazzi have been harassing people in the actor’s building recently; “‘Reporters’ are stalking outside my house, and following in their car. Only to harass and disturb. If only a meteor would hit that car…,” Alec tweeted yesterday. A man meteor! Tension between Alec and the paparazzi allegedly came to a head today, resulting in Baldwin grabbing a man’s arm and shouting while clutching a florescent stuffed animal under the other. You know, just to keep it fresh. You can’t make every paparazzi fight the same, or people will get megabored.

While Alec’s other June photog altercation ended with him comparing the paparazzi to Trayvon Martin (No, seriously. It’s sort of confusing.), Baldwin still had some bon mots this time around, allegedly snarling at the man, “I want you to shut the f—k up and get out of here,” “You little girl,” and the pièce de résistance, “I know you got raped by a priest or something.” Haha, oh Alec, you and your rape jokes! It’s simply too much. We simply cannot wait to hear about the July and August brawls!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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