At Least We Still Have Suri: The Best Part Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ Marriage Lives On


We’ll admit it: we were kind of stunned when we got wind of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce. Celebrity marriages are supposed to last forever! They’re the most sacred of all marriages! But even though they might be ending their wedded bliss of five years, Tom and Katie have at least one good thing that came out of their relationship: a teeny tiny stylish pixie known as Suri Cruise. Between her adorable babyhood, sassy faces to the paparazzi and iconic Anna Wintour bangs, we thought it would be a darling homage to the Cruise-Holmes round up a bunch of squee-inducing family photos featuring the six-year-old. We’re going to be honest; the cuteness does feel a little bittersweet knowing the rents are splitting. But Suri will be okay, you guys! They’ll all be okay! We’ll all be okay! These photos of Suri being the best will definitely help!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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