Enjoy Sharon Stone’s Completely Visible Underboob, Everyone!


Sharon Stone‘s underboob (the rarest of all boobs!) was the life of the part at last night’s amfAR’s Inspiration Night in Paris, and it’s presence on the red carpet was not an accident. The actress decided to go commando underneath her sheer sweater at Thursday’s benefit because….well, because she’s Sharon Stone. What other reason could she possibly, possibly need? It was almost Friday, too. Are you satisfied yet? Just look at Sharon’s sweater again if you aren’t.

Now, we do have one small critique of Stone’s ensemble. We would never hate on a see-through garment, as our 40 Most Scandalously See-Through Outfits in Red Carpet History gallery can attest. It’s just that…Sharon’s top is very visually confusing! It’s sort of sheer, then it’s opaque, then the solid top panel is covering everything completely and you think you can relax for two seconds, then all of a sudden it’s so transparent, Rebecca Wang has to look awkwardly away so she doesn’t see Stone’s entire bidness from the waist up. It’s like a nipple kaleidoscope! But somehow not in a fun way! If you’re going to go sheer, we say go completely see-through, Rose McGowan-in-a-fishnet-dress-style. Something to think about for next year’s event, Sharon!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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