Liam Hemsworth Accidentally Says That He And Miley Cyrus Are Married! Relax, It Was Just A Blunder!


Liam Says He And Miley Cyrus Are Married, By Mistake

Yesterday, remember how we posted that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth attended the “Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner” at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, California? You couldn’t possible forget Miley’s bra-top Zimmerman dress even if you tried. It’s totally growing on us FYI, and we think its a nice touch that she picked an Aussie designer for the event. What was even cuter was her talking about Liam and their engagement revealing, “You know, my dad’s always been a really hard worker so I like when men work hard. I think it’s important, and I always work really hard so it’s good to have, like, someone that is passionate about what they do and wants to be great at what they do instead of just being okay. We always try to have a 130 percent.” So adorable right? It’s nice when you hear someone all gooey about the person they’re about to be married to.

Liam was no less in the “I heart my fiance” stakes. There’s a video of him accepting his award for one of the “Breakthrough Actor’s of the Year” and making a really cute speech on stage about how he and Miley met at a screen test. He revealed, “I was fortunate enough to get called back in and read with my now fiance who I recently got engaged to.” The crowd erupted into cheers as his continued, “And we read together and fell in love and we’re married.” Hold up … what? Married? Before the whole audience had a collective apoplexy, he quickly added, “We’re not married yet, but we will be!” Good thing he said that because our brains were going to explode. He had earlier, on the red carpet, responded to a question which asked him about marriage plans, saying, “It’s all a secret right now. We’re trying to work that out.” The couple later tried to mock-outbid each other for a set of rare Heath Ledger photographs, with Miley eventually winning, dishing out a solid $22,000. Without blinking, we may add. How boss are these two? Ballin’ and madly in love — some people are really that lucky! Check out all the action and that lovely speech in the video, right after the jump. 

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