Ted Stars Share Their Childhood Fashion Regrets: From Mullets To Fanny Packs


In Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, Mark Wahlberg‘s character is rather haunted by a wish he made as a kid, that his teddy bear could talk. Thankfully, not all of us are forced to deal with our questionable childhood decisions on a daily basis. But just to embarrass the beautiful and funny folks on the red carpet of the Ted premiere earlier this week, VH1 News asked them what fashion decisions from their early years they regret now. We got some pretty hilarious answers.

We have a hard time picturing beautiful Ted co-stars Jessica Barth and Laura Vandervoort committing the fashion faux pas they described to us.

“I had a mullet,” Barth admitted. “It was cut, like, to here, with feathers, and then really long layers down here. I was not cute!”

Canadian Vandervoort’s description sounded even scarier. “Probably when I had a pager and a fanny pack and I wore all Mountain Equipment Co-op clothing — I don’t know if you guys have that here, but in Canada we do.”

Veep star Matt Walsh’s tendency to ignore fashion once got him into a bit of trouble. “My first day at a new school I got on the bus, because I just grab things out of the drawer without thinking, red jeans and a red turtleneck short-sleeve polyester shirt,” he said. “So I was solid red and I was going to a school whose enemy was the red school, so they thought I was supporting that school.”

And though Penny Marshall was always adorable in her 1950s Happy Days costumes, she said that as a girl in the actual 1950s, she was never on trend. “I wasn’t into fashion. I had very narrow feet, so I couldn’t wear loafers,” she told us. “I looked sort of like a monkey, with a ponytail and overbite.”

Aw, we disagree. She’s an adorable tomboy in this pic of her from that era.

What fashion choices do you regret from your childhood? Share your stories in the comments!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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