Mel Gibson’s Stepmom Files For A Restraining Order Against Him, Which Is Rarely A Good Sign


We wish we could say we were surprised to hear that Mel Gibson‘s stepmother has filed for a restraining order against him, but between the anti-Semitism, the misogyny and all that talk about the rose garden, well, we’re sadly able to take it in stride. It’s not like Marion Cotillard‘s or Tom Hanks‘ stepmothers are getting a restraining order against them, is all we’re saying. Nobody’s filing a restraining order against Betty White.

According to TMZ, 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson claims that the actor directed numerous outbursts at her over the past two years regarding her disagreement with “controversial medical treatments” Mel and his sister Maura want for their father Hutter Gibson. Teddy says that when she objected to her husband receiving the treatments, “Mel began yelling and saying, ‘f— this and f— that’ while leveling other extremely offensive language at me,” warning her “not to f— with [Hutton’s] treatments in any way.” Hmmm, that sure sounds like Mel. She also claims Gibson pressured Hutter into divorcing her and is attempting to get her kicked out of her home. Instead of giving her a temporary restraining order, a judge set a hearing for next month. Maybe Mel and Teddy will be able to work things out on their own by then, but … that’s not really his M.O. We’re always ready to be pleasantly surprised, though!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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