Alec Baldwin And Mel Gibson: All The Things They Share … And Don’t


It looks like two celebs, Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson, who have continued to amuse us (and simultaneously terrify us) with their ridiculous public outbursts and angry rants may be teaming up together. No, this is not to plot a fight against anyone who tries to take a picture of these stars or delay their next epic film. (Though a showdown that involves both of these Hollywood tyrants could be pretty entertaining). Rather, Baldwin told Vanity Fair that he recently invited Gibson to be a guest on his biweekly WNYC podcast called “Here’s the Thing.” Baldwin claims that he wants Gibson on his podscast due to his success in the film industry, not because of his antics broadcasted in the media, “And the only thing I want to ask you about the travails in your life is: What did you learn?” Uh-huh.

In anticipation of the possible podcast, we have put together a list of some differences and similarities between these two Hollywood brawlers. They seem to share more than just their prominent acting careers. Check it out, and see if you can guess who’s who:

Different: One fantasizes about killing Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ.

Similar: Both have been caught on tape ranting angrily to a family member.

Different: One probably doesn’t believe that the Holocaust happened.

Different: One hates Alec Baldwin movies.

Both have volatile relationships with the paparazzi, caught in the headlines for continued paparazzi altercations.

Different: One definitely owns a firearm, evident when he pulled a gun on his girlfriend.

Different: One left a loving voicemail for his daughter, calling her “a pig” and “daughter-of-a-bitch.” One has anything but a supportive stepmother, who recently filed for a restraining order against him.

Similar: Both have been featured as one of People‘s “Sexiest Men Alive.”

Different: One has a successful Emmy-winning TV show, the other is struggling to make a movie about the Maccabees.

Different: One made it on our coveted 2012 list of The 15 Worst Celebrity Dads Of All Time.

Similar: Both experimented with different hairstyles in the ’80s but one worked a flow better in movies like Lethal Weapon.

Different: One dipped his toe in the music industry when his famous rants were remixed.

Different: One has left the Twitter community. Time to rejoice or cry?

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