Ashley Greene Lounges Around In Lingerie For Esquire


Ashley Greene In Esquire

Do you think that this entire exercise was an excuse to get Ashley Greene into her underwear? We think it may have been. Esquire released this piece about the actress yesterday and yes there’s a whole profile, but the photographs are completely kicking the article’s ass in the center-stage department. There are some black-and-white shots that are stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous, as you can see on the left. Yes, she’s in her skivvies with a shirt artfully thrown over. Then there’s the photograph on the right where she’s trussed up in some really sexy lingerie. Jeebus, does that girl shoot well or what! And it’s not like she doesn’t look gorgeous with her clothes on, either. Remember Ashley’s Fall 2012 DKNY campaign? If she ever feels the whole acting thing isn’t working out, she could always model. Tom Chiarella, the writer, seems to be as in love with her as most of the planet is, as well. “She touches the end of her hair, flicks the silky weight of it over her shoulder, and looks in like she’s sharing a secret” and “Her teeth shine, her hair falls straight and true on the nape of her neck, her glance tilts a bit downward” are a few of the phrases used. You can almost hear him sighing. If you’d like to sigh at more of her pictures, then never fear, we have one more right after the jump that’ll do quite nicely. 

Ashley Greene, Esquire shoot

[Photos via Esquire]

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