Tom Cruise Is Forbes’ Highest Paid Actor…And Will Stay That Way Due To His Sweet, Sweet Pre-Nup


Tom Cruise Tops Forbes Highest Paid Actors List

On one hand, Tom Cruise‘s whole world is crashing down around him now that Katie Holmes filed for divorce, forcing him to cut short his 50th birthday festivities in Iceland and causing widespread speculation about his most intimate personal business. On the other hand, according to Forbes Cruise is still the highest paid actor in Hollywood (though if the rumor that he prevented Katie from doing a Dawson’s Creek reunion proves to be true, so help us, we will take everything from him. Everything.) Call us crazy, but one out of two ain’t bad!

Having pulled in $75 million in large part due to the success of Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol, Tom made over twice as much as the second highest paid man in Hollywood, Leo DiCaprio. The A-list…list also includes the likes of Adam Sandler, Robert Pattinson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. For those of you jawing away about how much Katie will and will not make from the divorce, we’re sorry to bust your conspiracy theory bubble. According to TMZ, the actress will receive virtually none of Tom’s money, retaining the assets she brought into the marriage, as well as probably child support. “She’s not about the money.  She’s not that girl.  She loves to work,” their source claims. “Money is not that important to her.  She makes plenty on her own.” Well, with dough like that, Tom, you can probably just buy yourself love! Hmmm, unless you can’t do that? If only there was some sort of song that explained that conclusively…

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