Tallulah Willis’ Alleged Nude Pics Continue Demi Moore’s Daughters’ History O’ Scandalousness


Alleged Tallulah Willis Nude Photos Leaked

And now the little one? Dang. Last time we checked, Tallulah Willis was maturely warning others against the dangers of starving yourself before Coachella; now photos of Demi Moore‘s youngest daughter smoking a joint while topless are allegedly being shopped around to the highest bidder. Not that those two things are at odds with each other (the photos might have been taken at Coachella, for all we know), but still. Yuck.

We can’t imagine Tallulah’s eminent scandal is going over well at home, especially if rumors about the rocky relationship between Demi and her girls is true. According to RadarOnline, the relationship between Moore and her kids has reached a “breaking point” due to Demi’s continued struggle to avoid relapse. We guess Moore’s rehab visit and ongoing battle completely overshadowed her daughters’ lives in our minds, because we only just now realized that Tallulah’s bidness is merely the latest bit of Willis daughter drama in a pretty long history. It’s bad news when your daughter’s semi-nude photo drama can’t even top your own, is all we’re saying. Check out the other Willis daughter dirt we had completely forgotten about in the wake of Demi’s dilemmas:

  1. Scout’s Underage Drinking: Back in June, Demi’s middle child was busting for drinking in New York City’s Union Square. While underage. Before gave the police a fake I.D.
  2. Rumer Learned How To Pole-Dance….From Demi: Remember that weird rumor about Demi giving Rumer a pole dancing lesson at Chateau Marmont while Leo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher looked on? Now you do. We apologize for reminding you.
  3. Scout’s Pantless Fashion Shoot: It seems like every celebrity daughter has to dabble in modeling; most of them just manage to keep their pants on when posing on the back of a motorcycle.
  4. That Rumor Willis/Ashton Kutcher…Awkwardness: We felt icky when Rumer Willis gushed about how she used to have a crush on Ashton; we felt icky now. “Ash was a heart-throb, to me. I had pictures of him on my wall at boarding school and I remember my mom saying that her new ‘friend’ Ashton was going to come and hang out with us. And I said, ‘Whoa, wait – Ashton Kutcher?’ and I kind of freaked out a little bit. I definitely blushed,” Rumer has said about her mom’s second husband. Intimations that the two might possibly might be too close following Demi and Ashton’s split made us want to scrub off our skin with steel wool. If Demi even heard a whisper of that rumor, that might explain why the girls’ alleged drama with their mama stems from the girls’ continued relationship with Ashton. Or rather, it definitely would.


[Photo: Getty Images]

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