Katie Holmes Vs. Tom Cruise: All The Scientology Rumors, Explanations And More


Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes go out for ice cream

So many of the rumors about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s divorce center on Scientology, we’re starting to suspect this is all part of Anonymous’ plot to take down the religion, or was that Paul Haggis’ plot? Whatever. We can’t pretend to understand L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings or the many mysteries surrounding the Church of Scientology (most of what we know, we learned from that South Park episode, really), but we can round up all of what we’ve heard and read in one convenient place. Enjoy!

  • Some say Katie’s main reason for filing was to protect Suri from the Scientology practice of auditing — which is a method of questioning that helps the subject clear themselves of negative influences. We’re probably explaining this wrong, so find out all about it here. Katie herself didn’t seem all that comfortable with auditing, as she supposedly held back during questioning. Also, an ex-Scientologist says her parents were getting inside reports about what she said during the process. That’s extra, extra creepy.
  • By the way, the Church is not opposed to divorce in and of itself, according to ABC News. They just prefer couples try therapy first. Fair enough.
  • Speculation that Tom Cruise’s marriages are all a Scientology scheme to hide his sexuality are nothing new, so is that really the religion’s M.O.? ReligiousTolerance.org outlines Scientology’s stance on homosexuality. Basically Hubbard originally called being gay an illness (but that’s what all of psychology thought in the 1950s, too). But in the past two decades, some gay Scientologists have said that they are fully accepted by the religion. Hmmm, that’s not to say they wouldn’t want to help one of their most prominent members stay in the closet.

  • The Washington Post has this handy guide to Sea Org (which we keep wanting to call Sea Lab). Some have said that Tom’s wish to send Suri to the organization, a sort of religious boot camp that requires a 1 billion-year commitment, was the last straw.
  • Former Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill is taking this all as an opportunity to tell the world how she endured forced labor and isolated detention in a Scientology boarding school. We’re not sure how her experience relates to Katie’s or Suri’s, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.
  • Meanwhile, the Scientologists are denying that they have anything to do with the split. “[Katie] was totally committed to Scientology,” a source close to Cruise reportedly told TMZ. “She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies.” Now, this source says, her team is leaking all sorts of false reports about the religion in order to make Tom look bad.

What do we believe? Scientology’s a famously litigious organization, and there are so many horror stories out there about what happens when people try to leave, that we’re inclined to believe anything about them. Then again, that fact alone also backs up this Cruise-insider claim that Katie’s exploiting people’s Scientology hatin’. Either way, we can’t stop devouring these stories! If you’re tired of them, may we suggest watching this South Park clip instead?

Also, Katie and Suri are THE CUTEST eating ice cream in the pic above from Tuesday. That is all.

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