Lindsay Lohan’s A Red Again — Hallelujah?


Lindsay Lohan Finishes "Liz & Dick", Back To Redhead

What is it about us and Lindsay Lohan being a redhead? We feel that’s the only color she should rock. The picture she tweeted of her re-transformation into a ginger less than a day ago, is possibly, a little too light for our liking, but that may just be an instagram effect. Her message simply read, “Red again.” Which gave us a certain sense of deja vu. Like, we had written about this exact same topic recently? Turns out we did, when Lindsay went red back in March this year! Now, that was a gorgeous shade. In this current picture, seen on the right, we’re also a little concerned that Li.Lo may still be down with the dark caterpillar eyebrows. Again, we’re really hoping this a trick of the light. It’s been a happy week for the actress. She just wrapped up filming Liz & Dick — which explains the color change — and it was also Lindz’s 26th birthday a couple of days ago. She combined her enthusiasm for both occasions in a tweet yesterday, that said, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Also- that’s a wrap on “Liz & dick”- thank you to all my fans, crew members, friends & lifetime!” So, Lindsay is working, has films lined up and is a redhead. All seems right with her universe, for now. Let’s hope it stays that way!

[Photos: Splash News Online/ Twitter]

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