16 And Pregnant Star Weston Gosa Arrested For DUI, The ‘Reality Teen Parent’ Curse Continues


Some people may be having a little too much fun during this holiday week. On July 4th, 16 and Pregnant baby daddy Weston Gosa got into a bit of a sticky situation behind the wheel. After crashing his car, this winner was arrested when police discovered that he was under the influence of prescription drugs. Though his mug shot is probably one of the most amusing ones we’ve come across in awhile, it falls among the many that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom stars have consistently provided us.

It appears these shows’ casts just can’t seem to escape the po po and keep on flailing in legal hot water. For some of these young parents like Janelle Evans and Amber Portwood,  their trainwreck days seem far from over. (Portwood did recently choose a 5-year prison sentence over a stint in rehab soo she might be living the thug life for awhile). In light of the fact that so many of these stars have run into some trouble with the law, we have compiled their rap sheets and we gotta say, these teens do not mess around. From beating the bejesus out of their…well, really anyone…to getting DUI’s, these are some hot messes through and through.

Whitney Purvis: In March, 2012, this 16 and Pregnant season 1 celeb was arrested for stealing a pregnancy test from a Georgia Wal-Mart. She later announced that she was not pregnant, yet again. Thank god.

Joshua Rendon and Ebony Jackson-Rendon: This unstable 16 and Pregnant pair was arrested in September, 2011, facing felony charges of maintaining a drug premise and making unauthorized use of another’s property to abet a crime. They also faced misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor (their 2-year-old daughter), possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.  Though they subsequently lost custody of their child, they now claim they are ready for another baby. Hmm.

Aubrey Wolters: In July 2011, Aubrey was slapped with shoplifting charges and ordered to stay away from Wal-Mart for one year after she was caught stealing $29.66 worth of cosmetics from the store. Beware Wal-Mart: Wolters is free to enter the store this month. Let’s keep your hands where we can see them, Aubrey.

Kianna Randall: The 16 and Pregnant season 3 rebel was charged with one count of attempted burglary of a habitation and one count of attempted burglary of habitation-theft in August, 2011. This wasn’t a joking matter as attempted burglary of a habitation is a second degree felony in the state of Texas. Not cool, Randall.

Janelle Evans: Janelle definitely has one of the longest rap sheets in 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom history. On October 15, 2010, Jenelle and boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, were arrested for breaking and entering, along with drug possession; On March 28, 2011, she was arrested after punching her ex-friend, Brittany Truett in the face for flirting with Kieffer. Drama; On August 8, 2011, Evans tested positive for weed and opiates and was arrested for violating her parole; On January 10, 2012, she was arrested for “communicating threats” to her former best friend. (Sidenote: this girl seems to have a lot of ex-friends); She was arrested for violating a domestic protection order on January 16, 2012; On March 5, 2012, Jenelle was arrested on cyberstalking allegations filed by her former boss; Jenelle was once again arrested on June 24, 2012 on drug possession charges. Damn, this girl just can’t seem to get a break.

Josh Smith: 16 and Pregnant Jennifer Del Rio’s baby daddy, Josh Smith was arrested over a domestic violence dispute in which Jennifer claimed he had attempted to kidnap the children and was scared for her life. Sounds like its for the best that these two are no longer an item.

Amber Portwood: In 2010, Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood was arrested and charged with three counts of domestic violence toward her baby-daddy, Gary Shirley. She is arrested for violation of her probation on December 19, 2011 and sentenced to 5 years of prison on February 6, 2012. Though she could’ve avoided the sentence by going to rehab, Amber decided to opt for prison instead. Amber wants to stay true to herself and keep on being a “bad girl.”

Cleondra Carter and Mario Escovedo: This couple leads no Disney romance, made clear after both were arrested for domestic assault.

Jamie McKay: This 16 and Pregnant mom was arrested in January, 2011 on allegations that she punched another girl twice in the head. Thank you, Jamie, for putting another spin on thug life.

Ryan McElrath: Jamie McKay’s ex-boyfriend is no straight-edged shooter. He has been arrested a total of 3 times for various charges: cocaine and marijuana possession, underage drinking, and assault.

Adam Lind: Lind, the father of Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s daughter, joins Gosa in DUI charges. He was arrested for operating a motorcycle while intoxicated and driving without a license. What a combo.

Valerie Fairman: 16 and Pregnant star Valerie was arrested for assault, allegedly punching and pushing her own mother. This girl does not mess around.

Jaime Alderman: In October, 2011, Danielle Cunningham’s baby-daddy did some jail time when he violated his probation, stemming from a 2010 assault charge. Unfortunately for Danielle, who was a minor at the time, a parental consent form was needed in order to visit this unruly man (boy?) Poor girl.

Brittany Maggard: In March, 2011, this Teen Mom 2 disaster was arrested after instigating the fight between fellow castmate, Janelle Evans. She was charged with misdemeanor affray and disorderly conduct for fighting in a public place. Brittany says her friendship with Evans has been on shaky ground since…shocker!

Jonathan “Jo” Rivera: Teen Mom 2‘s father of Kailyn Lowry’s little one was arrested in Febuary, 2011 for pot possession and driving under the influence. Jeez, do these people ever drive sober?

[Photo: TMZ; <a href=”http://splashnewsonline.celebuzz.com/”>Splash News Online</a>]

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