New Tell-All Book Reveals Surprising, Alleged Angelina Jolie Romance Victim … Mick Jagger!


New Tell-All BooK: Mick Jagger's Alleged Infatuation With Angelina Jolie

After hearing about this story, Mick Jagger crooning “Angie” in the quintessential Rolling Stones song took on a whole new meaning for us. But that’s the thing about tell-all books right? The information is juicy but it’s also completely alleged. This latest book by Christopher Andersen called MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger is the epitome of that. It drops quite a bombshell about Jagger, stating that he was obsessed with Angelina Jolie for two years! The New York Daily News has excerpts from the book that reveal the extent of his infatuation. The book also states that the actress’ mother, Marcheline Bertrand, felt that Angie and Mick would make a good match even though Ms. Jolie was married to Johnny Lee Miller at the time. Nutso, right?

This mega crush happened during the time that Jolie had just wrapped up her role as Gia Carangi in the television film Gia, and the book alleges that Angie was also hooked on to heroin at the time. She was filming for the Stones video for Anybody Seen My Baby and wasn’t too happy about it, as the book says she told the director, “I can’t f—— sing, and I can’t f—— dance! What the f— am I doing here?” It gets better, detailing how Mick was hooked on her: “For Mick, a large part of Jolie’s appeal was her wild streak. ‘She scares me a little,’ he said. ‘I like that.’ ” Encouraged by Marcheline, who was determined to see her mercurial daughter marry him, Mick wasted no time pursuing Jolie once the cameras stopped rolling. At first she refused to return his phone calls, and, in standard fashion, the messages began to pile up on her machine: “Angelina, it’s Mick. Will you please, please call me?” “Miss Jolie, why aren’t you returning my calls?” “Angelina, I have got to speak to you. Call me.” There’s a ton more in the three pages released by the paper, but basically, Angie left Mick “virtually sobbing.” Have a read for yourself! We wonder if Mick or Angie are going to have something to say about this.

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