Adele Allegedly Due In September, Making Her A Member Of The Secret Celebrity Pregnancy Society


Wha? The world is going to welcome a tiny new chanteuse in September? While we only heard about it on June 29, apparently Adele’s pregnancy has been a well-kept secret since, oh, round about February. “Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible,” a source allegedly confirmed to Heat Magazine, noting that the “Rolling In The Deep” singer was conspicuously absent from the Billboard Awards (which she dominated) in May. While we’d like to postulate that maybe Adele just fell asleep on the couch that night, it seems more likely that she is one of a growing number of celebrities who hold off until the last possible second before dropping their pregnancy news. Frankly, we don’t get it. Don’t these ladies know it’s going to make people only want to get in your business more? Remember all the rumor-mongering that surrounded…

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy? JSimp was already blowing up weeks before she dropped a Halloween pregnancy announcement last fall, and gossip was swirling even earlier than that. Still, in defiance of the public’s clear recognition of her baby bump, the actress dodged the question of her ever-growing womb.

Much like Megan Fox, another celebrity who remained hush-hush about the fetus we could see growing in her abdomen from March until June. Until June, people! That means months and months of intrigue! Intrigue that amounted to “Megan Fox, are you pregnant?” “I don’t know, am I?” “Yea…Yes? Yes, you are. We can literally see with our eyes that you are.”

Why can’t all A-listers announce they have a baby on board like Beyonce: unbuttoning their sequined blazers on national television and smiling at Jay-Z? Unless…unless certain celebs are trying to purposely cultivate people’s interest in having their pregnancy suspicions confirmed? If that’s the case, aren’t fans going to be just as fascinated if they find out that their favorite celeb is with child earlier rather than later? Not to mention all the squeeing they’ll be doing after the child is born. Either way, keeping your celeb pregnancy a secret sure seems like a lose-lose! Except for the baby you get to take home afterward, which is probably a pretty big win!

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