Kris Humphries’ Ex May Not Be Pregnant After All; We Feel A Teensy Bit Sorry For Him


Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj Posts Photo Sans Baby Bump

Aw, Kris Humphries. Now we feel sort of terrible for some of the hilariously mean things we said about you. Last week we were laughing cruelly right alongside Kim Kardashian after hearing that your new ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj was allegedly pregnant (though Kim probably didn’t accidentally spray her monitor with Arby’s when she started guffawing about it). Turns out? We were all enjoying our schadenfreude a little prematurely. “Uhhh ooooo Loook No babyy bump! ‪#Shocker‬ yes I’m a thick curvy girl *All natural I’m comfortable in my skin,” Sinanaj tweeted yesterday, in addition to photographic evidence of her complete lack of a baby bump. So, unless Myla can suck it in harder than anyone has ever sucked it in…we’re pretty sure Kris is off the hook on this one.

As if that wasn’t enough for us to start feeling Humphries’ pain, RadarOnline reports that during their marriage, Kim would all but shove her life partner off the red carpet in order to get herself a good photo opp. “Kris plans on testifying at the upcoming divorce trial that Kim would often tell him to get out of the shot when photographers would descend upon them,” their source claims. “Kim would complain that because of Kris’ height, he was blocking the photographers clear shot of her. Kim would get very upset if he didn’t move quickly enough.” Yeah, that sounds…incredibly plausible. Incredibly plausible and mean. Well, we guess we misjudged you, Humphries, and for that we’re….oh, wait, there’s still all that weird stuff about trying to silence Myla after  your break-up. Plus how you acted on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Plus a bunch of other unpleasantness that will undoubtedly come out during the divorce aaaaaaaand now we’re ready to laugh again! Thank goodness! It’s the only thing that makes us feel alive.

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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