So, About Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man Audition Tape…Too Soon For A Reboot?


Okay, for the next Spider-Man reboot, it’s all Donald Glover. We haven’t forgotten you, dude! The reboot after that, however, should star Josh Hutcherson, who clearly demonstrates that he has all the web-slinging, book-dropping, meathead-pummeling moves in his Spider-Man audition tape. On an unrelated note, if you see a guy throw your friend to the ground, jump twelve feet into the air and then backflip into a three-point stance…maybe you shouldn’t keep trying to fight him? I know bullies aren’t the brightest bulbs in the package, but jeez. On a very related note, those glasses! Eeeeee! Alternate film casting history squee!

Unearthed from the bowels of YouTube by Crushable today, Hutcherson’s fighting demo for the film appears to be dated March 8, 2010. Which means if we got a time machine and traveled back with a DVD of the Hunger Games…no, that wouldn’t be right. Andrew Garfield ended up doing an amazing job with the role; we just need to make more Amazing Spider-Mans to accommodate all the actors we want to see fighting bad guys and kissing upside-down. We mean, they were probably going to reboot it that many times anyway! Amazing Spider-Mans for everyone! On, and in case we didn’t make it clear…those glasses!

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