Dude (Looks Like He’s Leaving American Idol): An Ode To Steven Tyler’s Wackiest A.I. Moments


Steven Tyler Allegedly Leaving American Idol

Steven Tyler, we’re going to miss you. We tried to drape our great-grandma in scarves and seat her next to a DVD of Gigli, but it just wasn’t the same. American Idol definitely won’t be the same now that the Aerosmith singer decided not to return as an A.I. judge next season. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez seems to be on the fence about her involvement as well. “I am thinking that maybe it’s time for me to go and do other things that I really love to do,” JLo explained on Today…today. “Like films, and right now I’m on tour and performing — all the things that I do.” Cut to Randy Jackson hurling a chair through his dressing room mirror. Hey, that sounds like something Steven Tyler would do! While no greenrooms got trashed during his tenure (wait, were there any? We probably just didn’t hear about it), the Aerosmith singer did have a lot of insane moments during his tenure on the show. For example…

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  • Dropping F-Bombs: “There are millions of people in America that are really angry, because you pissed them off because you’re so f—ing good!” Tyler screamed at contestant Casey Abrams last April…on live TV.
  • Mooning The Camera: “Are you f—ing crazy?,”JLo screams after Tyler strips down and leaps into the moat onset. Hey man, if you have Steven Tyler near a moat…we think you know what’s going to happen next. You’re going to see his butt.
  • Hitting On Teens: “Great, beautiful. Hot, humid and happening…yeah, just like your daughter!” Tyler told the father of 15-year-old Idol hopeful Shannon Magrane last January. Ew. Steve. Come on.
  • Dropping More F-Bombs: “You know what Muck rhymes with?,” Steven Tyler told baby faced contestant Jake Muck last February. “Read my lips!” The show later apologized on air for Steven Tyler pulling a Steven Tyler.

  • That Weird Thing With His Face: Okay, so this didn’t happen on-camera, but Steven Tyler was months into being the face of American Idol when that exact face ended up smashing into a hotel bathtub when he slipped and fell just before Halloween 2011. We thought it best to commemorate his passing from our screens with our fellow Vh1 blogger Liz Black‘s ode to Tyler. Thank you, Steven. You’ve given us so much. Really, no, too much. We’re good with this amount.
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