Kim Kardashian Actually Tweets A Swimsuit Shot That’s — Gasp!— Untouched


Right, guys. So have a look at this photograph of Kim Kardashian. We’re so used to seeing her in bathing suits that border on risque (hello, cleavage), that this one may not seem particularly remarkable to you. Yes, Kim, we actually might be getting blase about your kurves. It’s called over exposure. But this picture, is a tad different from the ones she throws our way on a regular basis. Her tweet read, “Sunrise summertime shoot!” But then came the all-important hashtags, “no filter” and “no photoshop.” It’s unclear where the photograph has been taken, but doesn’t she look really young in this. It’s still an instagram shot, and the light coming in at dawn is pretty beautiful, so nature and the ‘gram filter have done her a huge favor. But you know what. We’re just going to come right out and say this. Kim looks pretty spectacular. Don’t judge us! But there’s something about the wavy, natural-looking hair and that fact that she doesn’t have layers of makeup on that makes us like this a whole lot. That’s if you ignore the classic Pinup 101 pose. Do you lot agree that it’s completely untouched? Should Kim be showing this side of her more, instead of the overly done-up schtick she normally pulls?

[Photo via Twitter]

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