Meanwhile At Comic-Con: Four Strangers Picked To Live In A Car…


The four contestants of the Dodge Dart Live in It to Win It Challenge

We heard it was hard to get a hotel room at San Diego Comic-Con, but are people really forced to go to such drastic measures as sleep four to a car? Err, not really. San Diegans Ian Morris, Trent Brookshier, Kat Turner and Christie Ripley signed up to live in a brand new Dodge Dart from Wednesday night through Saturday morning as they compete to win that very car and are live-streamed doing so for 12 hours a day (the other 12 they get a break from the glaring TV lights, but not the car). And after their first night together in such cozy quarters, it seems like they just might survive without going at each other’s throats. “We’re actually really friendly with each other,” Kat said, as Trent explained how they quickly learned the best way to sleep four to a car: give up on your personal space. So leg room hasn’t been what’s getting to them so far, it’s the heat. “We were actually hoping to be in the convention center, for the air-conditioning,” Kat said. Still, the foursome seemed in good spirits as they prepared themselves for another day of silly challenges like packing the car, answering trivia questions, and — this being the Con — dressing in costumes. That last contest was how Trent got to choose his seat for the day, the passenger side. Behind him, Christie was desperately trying to catch up on the sleep she couldn’t get all night as hecklers stopped by. Kat was trying hard not to think about how much she needed a smoke (she’s not allowed to have one, even on breaks).

“This is a lifetime experience for me, whether I won the car or not,” she said. “One day is more than most people would do.”

Though Ian joked that they’d formed an alliance against Trent, the fans at home might want to root for him: He just got married a week ago and this car would make a great gift for his new bride!

Visit to watch these guys “Live in It to Win It,” through Saturday and check back here for more updates from them … and the people who actually made it out of the car and into the Con too!


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