Rob And Kristen Get Quotable – Their 10 Best Moments From The Breaking Dawn Press Conference


Cheese-ball alert: today was a special day in the Twilight fandom. The cast kicked off Breaking Dawn press here at Comic-Con, and it was obvious they are all feeling emotional about it being the beginning of the end. As a Twilight fan and reporter I felt it too – the mix of raw excitement for the final film and deep sadness that after so much time together, this is it. I sat in for both press panels before the Hall H madness, and was impressed by the cast’s energy. Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz were being goofballs, Nikki Reed was sweet and sensitive, Ashley Greene was poised and professional and Liz Reaser did some amazing dance movies (imitating Michael Sheen on-set). Taylor Lautner often gets overlooked, but I love his attitude so much — he’s always ready to goof around with Rob and Kristen but is a class act to the core. Mackenzie Foy is as adorable as she seems, and she handled the attention like a pro.

And then of course, there’s Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Interestingly enough, Rob was a little quieter than normal today. Don’t get me wrong — he was still Rob in all his sweet, silly, glory, but he seemed slightly more introspective. (My wonderful camera guy Travis said he thought Rob seemed particularly emotional and sentimental during the press conference.) Perhaps he was just letting his lady have the spotlight to herself, because let me tell you — Kristen was ON FIRE. I think this is the most confident, gregarious and powerful I’ve ever seen her at a press event (and after 5 years, I have a few under my belt). Her energy was electric. Yet she was also still her adorable, giddy self – gushing over Mackenzie and blushing while trying to talk about sex. But my overall impression today was that Kristen was the leader, and the cast was happy to follow her lead.

Of course, there were a ton of wonderful Rob and Kristen moments from the press conference that I had to capture for you all. They both have a great sense of humor and a way with words that always leaves reporters laughing along with them. So let’s countdown their most memorable quotes from the press conference today, shall we?

1. Rob starts the press conference off with a classic Pattijoke when asked about Edward and Jacob’s friendship: “I sacrifice my daughter. That’s true love. This one’s a love story between me and Jacob.”

2. Kristen on what she first noticed about her co-star (and future boyfriend) upon meeting him back in the day: “I liked his pants.”

3. Kristen digs in to the deep questions about how she’s changed since the first film. “Let’s do it!” she joked. “I am so deep.”

4. Kristen on her connection with Taylor and Rob: “Sometimes you meet people and you’re like, ‘We should make stuff together. We”ll do good. Let’s utilize whatever this energy is that’s passing between us, let’s do it.’ And I have that with both of you.”

5. Taylor effusively complimenting KStew. “Kristen has done such a good job over this whole franchise.” At this point, Kristen hid under the table and the audience laughed. Confused, Rob looked around and then said to Taylor, “I thought they were laughing at you!”

6. Taylor continued:  “She’s all of a sudden transformed herself into this sleek sexy vampire and it’s a completely different person. I was really impressed with her.”

7. A woman asked Rob about being the sexiest person in the world. Rob was then adorably silent in thought. Taylor: “I am SO excited for this one.”

8. Reporter asked a question. Kristen: “I’m sorry. He [points at Rob] was talking to me and I completely missed your question. Can you repeat that?”

9. Rob on what would happen if Bella and Edward’s story continued: “Bella and Edward get divorced, and do like, a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing.”

10. Our friend @Taryder asked about the vampire sex. (Yay!) “Mackenzie, go away,” Kristen joked. “I mean, we’re supposed to have this mind-boggling, other-worldly sex in the first one.” As she continued to search for her words, Rob teased, “Get to the point, Kristen.” Her reply: “Shut the f*** up!”

I mean, I just can’t handle these two sometimes. If this is a taste of what we’ll get during the Breaking Dawn press tour, then fall can’t come soon enough!

We’ll be posting and chatting more about our Breaking Dawn experience today. Check back for updates — and talk Comic-Con with us at @vh1celebrity!


[Blurry but awesome iPhone photo of Rob and Kristen eyeing each other: Kate Spencer]

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