The New Cosmopolis Trailer Has A Whole Lot Of Robert Pattinson And Weirdness In It


With all this stuff we kept hearing about Cosmopolis, we really didn’t have a clue about how truly weird the movie was going to turn out to be, Judging by this trailer, it’s plenty weird. We know that his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, has squeed about the film, but she has to do that. She’s his girlfriend! So, what do we get from this clip apart from Rob looking completely sexy in suits. Erm, beats us. Really. It looks fantastical, and futuristic and we know someone is try to kill him but, could someone help us out here? Oh yeah, he uses his limousine — which is totally pimped out — as his office, has sex with some women and Jay Baruchel‘s in there too, being, well … Jay Baruchel. We know, from all the information we’ve read that his character,¬†Eric Packer, is on the road to serious self destruction, and the trailer does convey that, albeit in a very surreal way. Did he just have sex with someone who is trying to kill him? What we can tell you is that Rob is totally magnetic in this — cold, calculating and almost a voyeur — even when he says lines like, “I know, I’m losing money by the ton.” Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts. Let’s work this one out together, people!

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