Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter: Look Back At His Top 15 Most Memorable Tweets


Well, folks, it appears we may be hearing the last of Charlie Sheen…at least, in our Twitter lives. Earlier today, the actor went out with a bang, tweeting, “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out” with an airplane pic (see above). Oh, Charlie (or should we call you c?), you have always had a way with words. His tweets have undoubtedly added a unique spunk to the Twitter community and have given us a constant stream of entertainment.

Whether he is tweeting supportive shout-outs to friends and followers, filling us in on his varied plans, or just making up absurd comments, his tweets never disappoint. His decision to quit Twitter also comes at a sensitive time for us, as we had to recently deal with the pain of losing Alec Baldwin’s colorful commentary. Though it remains unclear if Charlie’s departure will be permanent, we hope he will reconsider his decision to leave and decide to get back on the Twitter wagon. Really, we are not looking forward to such inaccessibility from this legend’s most inner thoughts. And, who else will come up with hashtags like #winning?? To help ease the despair you might be feeling upon hearing this nightmare, we have put together some of his most memorable tweets:

@charliesheen: “Might be time for an “I’ll do anything party…” Vegas Anyone?”

@charliesheen: “thinking about joining the Navy today…. debate me!!”

@charliesheen: “I’ll bring the epic. you supply the awe. c”

@charliesheen: “Had fun today with a candle called “one night stand” from KM Fantasy. Check it out, the wax becomes hot oil! Do the math! Happy Mothers Day”

@charliesheen: “Woke up this morning and Mexico was calling my name! Do I get a plane and head to Cabo..? Or… Do I just grab a couple tacos and chill?”

@charliesheen: “Miami… 98% in the shade! Steve Harvey… He’s so cool he doesn’t sweat!! (or does he have a bag of ice down his pant”

@charliesheen:” today spent w/ brilliant cosmetic dentist Dr Kevin Sands! the grill now perfect for Fiat, DirectTV & Anger Managment! …”

@charliesheen: “hello fish!! hmmm… Small but feisty!!! “but a man is not made for defeat. a man can be destroyed but not defeate…”

@charliesheen: “6:30am Hemingway would be proud… “I think the great DiMaggio would be proud of me today.” Hell… I’m proud of me…”

@charliesheen: “Great night…. Fight night… Pacquiao lights it up!! all my pals at my pajama party! xo c”

@charliesheen: “Watching my funeral as my party gets rolling!”

@charliesheen: “EPIC year!! Thanks to all for the kind birthday wishes..!! xo c 46..!! 4+6=10 10×10=100..!! I’m gonna outlive you all..! #WINNING..!!!!”

@charliesheen: “Dear xxx, Alaina will not be in math class tomorrow… Its summer! She’ll be out #WINNING!!”

@charliesheen: “Alright…Allstar game and then nap…(where I will begin to solve many of the world’s problems…)”

@charliesheen: “Please follow me on instagram and facebook..! I’m not posting everything everywhere… and I’d like to keep in touch! xo c charliesheen”

[Photos: Twitter]

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