Girls Rule At Comic-Con … But Maybe Not At Winning Cars?


Contestants of the Dodge Dart in It to Win It Challenge

Once upon a time, people laughed at the thought of girls wanting to attend Comic-Con — all but those nerd-girl anomalies, that is. I don’t have any official numbers of the gender breakdown at this year’s convention, but it’s looking pretty equally divided, if not weighted toward the girls. And we’re not just talking about the Twi-hards. There are tons of ladies gathered around the actual comic book and video game booths too. We also love watching the young girls being schooled by mommy and daddy in all things superhero, zombie and cultish. Go nerd girls!

But we regretfully note one area in which the fairer sex is not dominating: At the Dodge Dart in It to Win It Challenge, in which four people have been living in a car since Wednesday, participating in all sorts of games to compete for the titular car. As those who’ve been watching the competition’s live stream at have noticed, the Dart got a little roomier after 5:30 last night, when Kat “Katalyst” Turner dropped out. Since she told us Thursday morning that she’d lived in her car for two years, we thought she was a shoe-in. But that experience actually left her with an injured back, and that, combined with the fact that the pack-a-day smoker wasn’t allowed to light up, even on breaks, finally made her decide the car wasn’t worth the pain.

Meanwhile, remaining female competitor Christie Ripley is in third place, despite the raucous cheers of her friends in the audience. She seems to be suffering from sleep deprivation still, while Ian Morris and Trent Brookshier are a little livelier as they hold onto first and second positions respectively. Could it be that men are better equipped for such ridiculous tasks as grabbing the keys out of the car from three feet away with duct-taped wire hangers? Err. We’re going to stay away from such stereotyping for now. Christie, we bet you have plenty of skills that will help you in real life.

Tune in tomorrow for the winner announcement, and keep it locked here all weekend for more coverage from San Diego Comic-Con!


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