Mariah Carey Is #1 On Our Top 10 Fantasy American Idol Judges List! So Please Let This Happen!


Having Mariah Carey as a judge on American Idol is one of our sweet, sweet fantasies, babies, especially if she opens each episode flying over the audience in a sleigh, singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” And since she’s Mariah Carey and can do whatever she wants…why wouldn’t she? No, seriously. Why wouldn’t she? Hopefully we won’t have to wait very long to find out when her sleigh takes off, as Mimi is allegedly in negotiations to join the show. “She’s in play,” a source tells People. “They are in serious talks.” Uh, the talks involve Mariah Carey potentially crushing people’s dreams on TV, so you had better believe they are serious. 

Seeing as how Steven Tyler and (as of this morning) Jennifer Lopez have left the show, and Randy Jackson has yet to be confirmed for another season, American Idol has an opportunity to totally reboot its judging panel. Or they can keep it completely the same. We don’t care as long as they put Mariah Carey on our TV screens every week. That being said, we do have plenty of other ideas for possible judge candidates. That way, if for some bizarre, tragic reason Mimi doesn’t sign on to the show (everyone, shut up! Of course she will!), at least we’ll have some consolation prizes:

  • Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stone would bring some elder statesman steez to the program, as well draw in the baby boomer audience. And did you see him kill it on the SNL finale this spring? Please.
  • Katy Perry: Perry would most likely add the same sweetness of JLo, plus A.I. would be a nice change from touring 365,000 days a year.
  • Kanye: The man has so very many opinions. So many of them would be controversial. We’d have to see Kim a lot more, but we can deal.
  • Cher: Why would we have to write more words after typing ‘Cher’? It’s Cher.
  • Axl Rose: The man clearly needs a career reboot, and being seen around town with Lana Del Ray didn’t help as much as we’d have thought.
  • Pitbull: Basically a superior Randy replacement, but with more booty-popping.
  • Courtney Love: Courtney has the approximately the same BMI and inappropriate sense of humor as Steven Tyler, and we would love to hear her argue with Mariah. Really, they could just make a show about them interacting and we’ll watch it.
  • Eminem: Okay, that’s a long shot, but admit it. That’s genius.
  • Kelly Clarkson: Duh, right?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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