Rihanna Proves Innertubing Just About The Last Thing You Want The Paparazzi To Catch You Doing


No one wants to be seen frantically scrambling up a water-soaked innertube with no make up on and a giant wedgie, but what if that’s the best way to have a lot of fun? Such is the conundrum Rihanna faced today in Barbados when she went innertubing with her friends. Luckily for her, RiRi specializes in not giving a rat’s tiny behind what other people think. Which is great, because we think these photos look hella silly.

Of course, we wouldn’t care either if we were on Forbes’ 10 Top Earning Celebs Under 30 list. According to the magazine, RiRi pulled in approximately $53 million between May 2011 and May 2012, putting her right behind Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, both of whom are probably rocketing behind a speedboat while wearing an old t-shirt as we speak. Still, when it comes to awkward photo ops, we’re guessing the only thing more embarrassing than Rihanna’s innertubing adventure would have to be getting photographed while eating a big, sloppity plateful of spaghetti.

Or barfing.

Both of which we are almost 100% certain we’ll never catch Rihanna doing in public. If we ever do though, we hope she goes big and does both at the same time. While on an innertube. Haters to the left!

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