Who Would Win The Relationship: Selena Gomez Or Justin Bieber?


Everyone is talking about the possible break-up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. One week ago, TMZ reported that, after one and a half years together, these young lovebirds were on shaky ground. The story goes that this duo is currently still on but have been breaking up and getting back together faster than we can change our Facebook statuses. Guys, they are teenagers so this totally doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. But, that still doesn’t mean that their unstable romance isn’t causing us to have a little bit of anxiety. In order to mentally prepare ourselves for a sudden end to this steamy chapter, we have decided to contemplate who would “win” this relationship. Let’s be honest, everybody knows that there is always a winner and loser post break-up.

First of all, according to one source’s opinion, Justin Bieber is in his prime and can tap any girl he wants. We are pretty positive that Biebs would not have too much trouble finding another girl to hang out with…let’s just take a look at all of his adoring fans. Based on how these girls react when they see him (hysterically crying, unable to form coherent sentences), he could probably get one of them to donate their left arm, if need be. His looks have always done him well and at 18, he considers himself to be a “swaggy adult!” Really, who wouldn’t want to get on that?

Well, apparently, Selena is not so into his charm lately. A source says, “Justin’s too clingy and delusional and she wants to be with someone a bit more mature.” So maybe Selena earns some points in the maturity department. She also seems capable of throwing some major game. She did go from telling everybody she couldn’t wait to have Justin’s babies to meeting James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers and suddenly not having time for Biebs. She clearly has a way of keeping boys on their toes.

Who do you think would win this relationship? Tell us what you think in anticipation of the end of this love story. Who knows, Biebs could be singing, “If I was your boyfriend” to you one day.


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